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 "Millenium Of Prophecy" Study Series

Presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor, Amazing Facts

24-Bible-lesson set based on KJV of the bible, fully illustrated, and timely, this series will help reach searching hearts. Based on the teaching techniques of Jesus, the Master of Illustrating gems of truth with stories and parables. Each colorful lesson begins with an amazing story from the Bible, which is then used to clearly explain Bible prophecy and reveal scriptural truth. Students complete each lessons' study section by looking up key Scriptures and filling in the missing words.

Christian author, pastor and evangelist, Doug Batchelor has experienced great extremes.  His journey from anti-social, drug-using hermit to soul-winning evangelist has helped shape him into an engaging, popular speaker whom audiences all over the world can identify with and understand clearly even on the most complex Bible topics.  As president of Amazing Facts, he can be seen on national cable networks and heard on more than 125 radio stations across the United States. He is also becoming increasingly popular around the world by those who see him on international satellite and cable stations.

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PRESENTATION #1: The Millennial Man
Scripture: Daniel 2:1-49

Many people are concerned about what the future holds. We can find only one source of prophecy that is sure and it is found in the Bible. Many claim to know the future, but only the Scriptures reliably outline the future. Daniel 2 is an example of how we can trust the accuracy of Scripture.


PRESENTATION #2: Back to Jerusalem
Scripture: Luke 24:13-27,John 1:1

Revelation is a book that reveals Jesus Christ. We understand the prophecies of this book is through other Bible verses that "unlock" the code of Revelation. The story of Jesus walking with two disciples on the road to Emmaus opens our understanding of the purpose of all Scripture.


PRESENTATION #3: The Coming King
Scripture: Revelation 14:4,Matthew 24:1-51,Revelation 16:18

The Coming King speaks about the Bible's teaching about the soon coming of Christ. Though we cannot know the exact day or hour, we can know that it is near. There are many Scripture passages that explain the importance of Jesus' 2nd coming. What does the Bible say about how Christ will return?


PRESENTATION #4: The Rebellious Prince
Scripture: Isaiah 14:12-14,Revelation 12:4-9,Job 1:6-12

What is the origin of sin? Did God create a devil? Where did Satan come from? The story of Absalom lays a foundation for us to understand the story of Lucifer and his fall. Bible clearly teaches us that God did not create sin and Satan. Societies picture of the devil isn't what the Bible reveals.


PRESENTATION #5: The Supreme Sacrifice
Scripture: John 1:29,Romans 3:23,Hebrews 9:22

Who is the central figure of the book of Revelation? It is not the beast. It is Jesus Christ. The story of Abraham taking Isaac to a mountain to sacrifice him illustrates the plan of salvation. Echoes of the gospel come through the story. God the Father made the sacrifice of having His only begotten Son come to die for the sins of the world. Here are presented the steps of salvation.


PRESENTATION #6: The Law of the King
Scripture: Luke 16:17,Psalms 89:34,Psalms 111:7-8

This sermon speaks about the law and the 10 commandments. Are they important and relevant today? What is the purpose of God's law? Were they done away with after Jesus came? Is the law eternal or has it changed? We are not under the law but under grace, but does that mean we have freedom to break the law?


PRESENTATION #7: Bricks Without Straw
Scripture: Exodus 16:1-36,Exodus 20:1-26,Mark 2:27

Moses is a type of Christ who delivers us from slavery. As in the days of Moses, God is about to do great things for His people. Soon they will be delivered from the slavery of sin and journey to the heavenly Canaan. And once again, God is now trying to turn the minds of His people toward the importance of the Sabbath rest.


PRESENTATION #8: The Glorious Kingdom
Scripture: John 14:2,Revelation 21:9-27,Matthew 5:5

The Glorious Kingdom begins with a study of Solomon and the zenith of Israel's history. God has prepared His kingdom that is even greater than Solomon's. Heaven is a real place and the Lord is preparing a place for us and will come back to receive us at the second coming of Christ.


PRESENTATION #9: The Witch of Endor
Scripture: 1 Kings 22:22,Revelation 16:14,Job 14:21

What happens when you die? There are many different ideas about what happens at death. This sermon looks at what the Bible says about the grave and what happens when you die. The Bible teaches the dead know not anything. Jesus holds the keys to unlock the grave. We are unconscious until the resurrection.


PRESENTATION #10: Cities of Ash
Scripture: Genesis 19:12-26,John 12:48,John 6:39

What does the Bible teach about hell? Is there really a hell? Where is it located and who is in charge of hell? We learn that people receive their just rewards "at the last day", not immediately when they die. The dead are currently in their graves.


PRESENTATION #11: River of Life
Scripture: 2 Kings 5:1-16,Colossians 2:12,Mark 1:9-10

This subject is on getting a new beginning and how to be clean before God. It begins with the story of Naaman, the Syrian leper, who was healed when he washed in the Jordan. We too have the disease of sin and need cleansing. Baptism symbolizes this important step. Christ has given us an example and we ought to follow Him.


PRESENTATION #12: Resting the Land
Scripture: Exodus 23:10-11,Revelation 20:1-15,Revelation 16:18-21

The Bible speaks about a millennium of time on this earth. What will happen when this black out comes? Will anyone be on this earth at that time? We learn about this truth by studying the "rest" God required of the land every seven years. When Israel went to Babylon, the land rested for 70 years. This illustrates a truth that Revelation 20 speaks about.


PRESENTATION #13: Bowing to Babylon
Scripture: Daniel 3:1-30,Revelation 13:1

What is the first beast of Revelation 13? This sermon speaks about Babylon and what it represents in Scripture. The basis of this sermon comes from Daniel 3 and the golden image of Nebuchadnezzar. There are actually two beasts spoken of that are world powers that combine government and religion.


PRESENTATION #14: The Mark of Cain
Scripture: Revelation 7:3,Exodus 20:8-11,Revelation 13:11-18

This is the second of a three part sermon on the mark of the beast. It begins with the story of Cain and Abel. Cain decided to worship in his own way and became angry and murdered his brother. His spirit will be seen again the last days. As Cain had a mark, so people who follow the beast will have a mark. God has a sign for His people as well.


PRESENTATION #15: A Heavenly Model
Scripture: Exodus 25:8,Psalms 77:13,Exodus 25:40

This sermon discusses what the Bible says about the sanctuary, a place on earth where God and man could meet. The sanctuary teaches us about the plan of salvation with its three phases of justification, sanctification, and glorification. The Day of Atonement was a day that represented the eradication of all sin.


PRESENTATION #16: Cleansing the Temple
Scripture: Daniel 8:1-27

This sermon deals with the longest time prophecy in the Bible, the 2300 day prophecy. Jesus cleansed the sanctuary when He came the first time. Christ will cleanse the sanctuary again when He comes back. There was a transition regarding the earthly temple when Christ left it before being crucified.


PRESENTATION #17: A Tale of Two Women
Scripture: Revelation 12:1-5,Revelation 12:13

The Bible speaks of a true and false church using the illustration of two women. You can determine which woman is true and false by the clothes they wear. There are miracle baby boy births in Scripture which represent types of Christ. Why are there so many denominations?


PRESENTATION #18: Windows of Heaven
Scripture: Genesis 14:18,Numbers 18:21-24,Matthew 23:23

This sermon speaks about returning the stewardship of everything we have, recognizing God owns all. It speaks about returning a tithe of our income and giving offerings. We are in one of the most materialistic times in our world. The Bible has principles to lead us out of being debt free and living at peace.


PRESENTATION #19: The Daughter's Dance
Scripture: Revelation 14:8,Revelation 17:18,Revelation 13:1-10

There are more than one mother-daughter teams in the Bible that persecuted the people of God. Jezebel is a primary example when Athaliah led the people to creep into idolatry. A woman in the Bible represents the church. There is a pure woman and an impure woman. Who are these women today?


PRESENTATION #20: Ten Times Wiser
Scripture: Daniel 1:1-21,Genesis 1:29

This sermon discusses what the Bible says about health. What was the original diet of mankind? Are there clean and unclean foods? God is concerned about our health because there is a strong connection between our minds and bodies. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.


PRESENTATION #21: Voice in the Wilderness
Scripture: Matthew 11:11,Malachi 4:5,Luke 3:16

This sermon is on how to live a holy life. It is for those who have accepted Christ and are seeking to grow in Jesus. John the Baptist and Elijah give us a foundation for living a spirit-filled life. It is marked with Bible study, prayer, and sharing your faith. This talk speaks about Christian adornment, jewelry, music, movie watching, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, playing the lottery, and gambling.


PRESENTATION #22: Proving the Prophets
Scripture: Amos 3:7,Acts 2:17,Matthew 7:15

What is prophecy? Are there prophets? Can we believe what the Bible says about the future? People are extremely interested in prophecy. How do we know between true and false prophets? We ought to be suspicious if a prophet charges a fee for their work. There are tests for prophets in the Bible.


PRESENTATION #23: A Jar of Oil
Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-7,John 16:13,1 Corinthians 12:8-10

This sermon speaks on the topic of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. The story of the widow in Elisha's time who owed a large debt and was saved because of a miracle. The oil in the Bible represents the Holy Spirit. The Spirit leads us. We should never speak against the Holy Spirit.


PRESENTATION #24: Above the Crowd
Scripture: Matthew 7:21,Romans 6:16,John 14:15

This sermon on the apostle Peter teaches us to live above the crowd. A sincere disciple, he did not know himself. He betrayed Christ. But the Lord loved Peter and gave him victory. The Lord calls us to obey God rather than men. We can do good things for the wrong reasons.


PRESENTATION #25: Pastor Doug's Testimony

Here is the personal testimony of Pastor Doug Batchelor and how God brought him from a life of despair into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Growing up in primarily a nonChristian home, living a life of crime, drugs, and running away, Doug eventually found himself living in a cave up in the mountains above Palm Springs where he found a Bible and met Jesus for the first time.


PRESENTATION #26: The Unsinkable Ship

The story of the sinking of the Titanic provides the backdrop for us as we near the end of time. There should be an urgency to be ready and not hesitate as many did on the Titanic when it struck an ice berg. We cannot follow the crowd. We must be ready. The only unsinkable ship in history was the boat that held Jesus.