VIDEO ON-DEMAND Science and the Bible
produced by GOOD NEWS TV

 "The Evidence" Series
Presented by Myckal Morehouse

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Have you ever wondered, does God exist? Have you looked at the world around you and thought to yourself, was this created or evolved? Are rocks really millions of years old? Did dinosaurs roam the world not too long ago? Is there evidence for a worldwide global flood? Is the Bible reliable, is it accurate, is it true?

This 9-part presentation series, entitled The Evidence, tackles these and other difficult subjects, where science challenges some key teachings of the Bible.

Join Myckal on this journey together into the outer reaches of space, past galaxies and stars, and then right back here to earth, to look for evidence in science, archeology, history, and religion.


THE EVIDENCE #1: When Einstein Changed His Mind
The question of God’s existence has gently knocked on the human mind, in every age. Now recent discoveries give us a real opportunity to answer this question. Discover what caused Einstein to change his mind, and is shaking up the scientific community today!


THE EVIDENCE #2: Darwin's Dilemma
Theories have run from aliens & ufo’s to a primordial soup, but what does the evidence from science really reveal? Join us in unlocking the secrets of the cell to discover the undeniable answer to this age old question.


THE EVIDENCE #3: What Your Science Textbook Left Out
As Charles Darwin visited the galapagos islands a new theory of life emerged in his mind. Today that theory is challenged by recent discoveries throughout the animal kingdom. Discover what your science textbook left out!


THE EVIDENCE #4: Flood or Fiction: Evidence From the Fossil Record

Rock layers and fossils tell the story of our earth’s history, but does science support a history of millions of years? New discoveries in fossils and rocks are emerging that reveal the untold story of the past.


THE EVIDENCE #5: Ancient Words and Modern Discoveries

The best selling book of all time just got better! Discover real people, real places, and real events told as stories in the bible, and now retold as actual history in the dusty cities archaeology is digging up today.


THE EVIDENCE #6: History and His Story

From the dusty roads of Nazareth to the dazzling temple in Jerusalem, Archaeology is uncovering the historical evidence for the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Mythical figure, or actual man, you decide!


THE EVIDENCE #7: Human Suffering. Why?

Troubled hearts and minds struggle to reconcile a world in pain, and an all loving God. Discover the biblical answer to this pressing question.


THE EVIDENCE #8: The Secret of the Afterlife

Party hard, because you only live once, or do you? Stunning evidence reveals answers to the one question that has haunted man down through time. Is there life beyond the grave?


THE EVIDENCE #9: Who is Jesus Christ, Really?

The most influential figure in history, and today millions are confused over his identity. Was he a man, a prophet, a teacher, or more? His own words reveal the truth.