You already get FREE TV with an antenna, but you're not getting Good News TV...

In this case, you get many FREE antenna TV channels with your TV, but for some reason you either don't get Good News TV (GNTV) or you don't get it very good.

If this is you, then with the right antenna and setup you can watch up to 70+ FREE digital channels in Phoenix, and a good number of FREE channels in various other smaller communities.

If you live in one of our broadcast areas and you still don't get Good News TV, then take these steps to get it:

Step #1: Using your TV remote control, select the Menu option to "scan for channels", "search for channels", or "update channels". If you have an older TV with a converter box, you do this with your converter box remote control instead.

Once you've scanned for channels, check to see if you receive our GNTV channel* now.

If Good News TV comes in good on your TV now then you are done. You can now ready enjoy watching Good News TV! If, on the other hand, you're still having trouble getting GNTV, go on to Step 2.

Step #2: Using the remote control for your digital TV or your analog-to-digital converter box, change the channel to one that does not seem to come in as well as other channels. Find the Menu option to view the signal strength for this channel. Once you find the signal strength, try turning your antenna clockwise and then counter-clockwise to maximize the signal astrength on that channel. Once you've maximized the signal strength for that channel, you will hopefully notice that the channel comes in better on your TV. If your antenna is mounted somewhere, tighten it back up on the mount so it will not move from the position you just turned it to. Now scan for channels again. If you still don't get our GNTV channel*, go to step #5.

Step #3: If you still have not gotten GNTV, you probably need a more powerful antenna or you need to move your antenna to a better location... For optimal reception, we recommend that you install an outdoor antenna on your roof or in your attic. Alternatively, you can try an indoor antenna, but it is not as likely to work, especially if you've already been having trouble. There are several types of antenna you can try.

ANTENNA SELECTION: There are certain styles of antenna that we have found work good, and other styles that don't work good. A few samples of antenna styles that work the best include: (1) Radio Shack HD769; (2) Channel Master 4220HD; and (3) RCA basic indoor antenna. Do a Google search on these brands/models to see what they look like. You don't necessarily need to purchase these exact models or brands or antenna. This just gives you an idea of what kinds of antenna we are recommending. Choose an antenna at the store of your choice that looks similar to what we listed and it will probably work just as well. (Places you can usually find a TV antenna include electronics stores, some hardware stores, and some department stores.) The first option listed above is most powerful out of the 3 options, and it works good for longer distances. The second option listed is good for medium distances or for cases where there are mountains or other obstructions like buildings in between you and the broadcast location. Such obstructions will block part of the signal, and a style like this second option works best. The third option listed is for when you are closer to the signal and there are no obstructions blocking the signal. The third option may work some of the time, but it is least likely to work all of the time (like during bad weather). If you want the best results, it is better to spend the money to get a more powerful antenna that gets a stronger signal. If you need to save money, get a less expensive antenna to try first, and step up to the next antenna until you find the one that works acceptibly for you. 

> Since it is possible that the first antenna you get does not work, we recommend that you get it from a local store rather than the internet so you can more easily return it if needed.
> When you get your new antenna, connect it to your TV using a long coax cable and walk around with it in your hand in the area where you plan to install it until you find the location with the best signal strength.
> In some cases, the signal strength can vary dramatically even 5 ft away from your current location.
> The higher you install your antenna the better, and the less objects that the signal has to pass through to get to your antenna the better. 
> The best place to install an outdoor antenna is on your roof. The next best place to install either option of the outdoor antennas is in your attic. 
> If you have to install inside of your house or apartment, then you can still use an outdoor antenna to maximize the signal strength. If you do this, then we recommend the style like the Channel Master 4220HD rather than the other one. In this case, you can place it where it gets good reception and it not an eye sore for you, such as in the frame of a window, on a bookshelf. If you are not worried as much what it looks like you can mount it on the wall or from the ceiling.
> Once you have found a location where you think you want to mount the antenna, set the antenna temporarily in this desired location, oriented toward where the TV stations are broadcasting from, and then scan for channels again. If you get GNTV this time, then this is good, but don't stop there. You can then walk around again with the antenna in that area to find the location to mount it where your signal is strongest.
>  Once you have Good News TV programmed into you TV or converter box, you should never have to scan again on that TV or converter box to get the channel. If it stops coming in on your TV, then it is almost always due to another problem. 
> If the signal strength is at least 40-60% (more than this is better), then you can confidently mount your antenna in that location.
> If you still don't get GNTV, you either need to find a better location to install or else you need a better antenna or both.    

Please feel free to CONTACT US if you are interested in watching Good News TV and you need help. You can reach us at Good News TV by calling: 480-264-1116. You can also email us at

* GOOD NEWS TV CAN BE FOUND ON THE FOLLOWING CHANNELS BY POINTING YOUR ANTENNA IN THE DIRECTION INDICATED: Phoenix channel 22.1 from South Mountain around Central Avenue, Prescott channel 32.1 from Mt Francis, Payson channel 38.1 from Diamond Point, Flagstaff channel 19.1 from Mt Elden, Yuma channel 39.1 from Peanut Patch, and Tucson channel 14.4 from Mt Bigelow.