Another Miraculous & Major Milestone for GNTV


The Lord has wrought yet another miracle for GNTV. While working diligently to improve our studio facility for both GNTV and MasTV, in preparation for introducing new programming, and while investigating alternatives for extending our broadcast beyond Phoenix and Dallas/Fort Worth, the Lord affirmed this ministry through a very special gift.

For the last 2 years, GNTV has been in need of a remote production truck, to help advance our vision to connect our viewers directly to a local church near them. Multiple grant requests for a production truck have been denied funding over the last 2 years…and now we know why. Through a simple text message, the Lord presented us with an opportunity we could not pass up.

Leland Preston, long-time volunteer of GNTV, texted Luke, GNTV general manager, with a message, asking him to call, saying that we could get a truck with a 20kW generator at an amazing price. Leland has always kept his eyes open for deals for the ministry, but this tops them all. “I was just driving by and happened to see this big television production truck sitting at the back of a used car lot”, Leland shares.

Prayers started going up immediately, asking that the Lord’s will be accomplished concerning this seemingly miraculous opportunity.  Within an hour of the call, we had 2 ‘experts’ there with us, helping to determine what kind of an opportunity we had before us. Chris Kassay, a former satellite truck engineer for a Fox sports contractor, and Ted Prouty, former lead for the 3ABN production road crew, were both on-site at the car dealership to help us carefully investigate.

The dealership had just purchased this recently ‘retired’ FOX10 truck through a vehicle auction, and were planning to ‘part it out’ the next day. The only reason it was on the lot and visible from the street that one afternoon, is because their garage was full, and they needed to move cars out before they could move it in to start parting it out. “It would not have been here tomorrow,” the dealership manager shared. 

“If you wanted to buy this rig new,” Chris Kassay excitedly shared, “it would cost you over $250,000. This is an absolute miracle!” Miracle indeed. As we continued to inspect the truck, we found many ‘hidden treasures’. Chris later confirmed from 2 different sources that the current going rate for purchasing this used truck with features is $95K - $100K.

“It definitely is a miracle,” Ted Prouty explained, “Each of these individual pieces of equipment alone, would cost you well over what they are selling this whole truck for.” As the four GNTV volunteers started getting emotional about this amazing find, they huddled inside the truck in order to pray yet again as to whether or not this vehicle should be secured for the ministry.

“In short”, Luke says, “after telling the dealership manager about the ministry of Good News TV, he let it go for $8000.”  “As you have already started receiving offers for parts, you know you could have gotten significantly more for this truck.” Susan declared to the dealership manager, “So, why are you givin/g us such a great deal?” The manager replied, “I just really feel like I want to help you guys out.”

“Previously,” Luke says, “I imagined that we would eventually purchase an old rental moving truck, which we would then retrofit as a production vehicle. But, now as I see all of the features this truck has built right into it (like A/C units, air ride suspension, full insulation, generator, built-in production racks & desk surfaces, an external patch panel, and so much more), I realize this is a dream come true.” He continues, “The Lord has saved us literally tens-of-thousands of dollars in additional expenses and thousands of volunteer hours that we would have had to spend to get to this point ourselves.

Although this vehicle is also equipped with some significant satellite broadcasting equipment, we have no immediate plans to use the truck for that purpose today. We have found that there is just as much if not more value in prerecording our local productions for later and repeated broadcasts instead of airing live. For those occasions when live broadcasts are justified, in most instances there are more affordable options available.

As we shared this story with Tony Anobile, AZ Conference president, he exclaimed, “Wow. Wow! This is a miracle. Praise the Lord”, he continued, “This is an affirmation from the Lord for this ministry.” Now that the dust is settling and we start to reflect on what has just transpired in such a short period, we all agree with Tony’s assessment.  To top the miracle off, the ministry did not have to pay one dime for it as it has been donated. Praise the Lord for His gift of the ‘new’ truck and His affirmation for GNTV!

After securing the truck, we contacted our volunteer fleet mechanic, Barry Norman, who checked everything over on our first official GNTV "fleet" vehicle. He also completed some welding needs, replaced a few faulty parts, and serviced the vehicle.

Now that we have this production vehicle, we need your help to stock it with the necessary video equipment take it ‘on the road’. Fitting it with a combination of new & used production equipment will cost $15K.


As you reflect on what God has accomplished through the volunteer ministry of GNTV throughout 2011, and you share our vision for what is in store for 2012, please consider a special year-end gift. 

Whether you would like to help GNTV ‘fit’ our new production truck with necessary equipment, or launch a new channel in Tucson or another community of AZ or beyond, or you’d like to pledge your monthly support to help us with our operating expenses, there are many ways that you can help our vision to be fulfilled.  

You can either contact us directly to discuss which specific option is best for you, or you can donate to our self-supporting ministry through various available methods. This includes your church offering envelope within Arizona, on-line giving on our website, automatic bill-pay through your bank, or sending a personal check, payable to “Good News TV”, directly to the AZ Conference offices in Scottsdale, AZ.  

Another way you can support our vision is with a revocable trust or gift annuity. To discuss these or any other options available, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry.

May God richly bless you,

GNTV Staff